Introduction to the U-EENI University of International Business

U-EENI: Global Network Ahimsa University

The U-EENI (Global Network Ahimsa University) is a University in process of being constituted and is part of a global network project of higher education (Bachelor's Degree, Master's and Professional Doctorates) at a distance learning, focused exclusively on international business and foreign trade, whose origins go back to 1995 (EENI- Business School).

The mission of the U-EENI University is to facilitate the access to the growing world demand for higher education that cannot be covered by traditional universities at affordable prices for all.

  • Medium-term fees objective for the Bachelor's Degrees, Professional Doctorates and Masters: 1,000 Euros per year

Education for all

The vision of the U-EENI University is to be a world reference in research and higher education in international business with ethical principles, so that our alumni and the U-EENI University itself collaborate in the development of an Ahimsa global economic space, based on non-violence in business.

Motto “We cannot be locally great in everything, but be world-class in higher education of International Business”.

The U-EENI University is a new model of University founded on the concept of “Global Network Ahimsa University”, radically different from traditional universities.

Global Network Ahimsa U-EENI University

Currently, our global network of higher education in international business is formed by the EENI - School of International Business with headquarters in Tarragona (Spain). The U-EENI (Global Network Ahimsa University) is creating regional universities in Europe, America and Africa; as well as in Asia in the long term; to fulfil its mission and to meet the needs of students around the world.

U-EENI University global network

The U-EENI University has prepared all this information to explain in a clear and transparent way (according to our Ahimsa Vision) the innovative, and even disruptive, characteristics of our global educational project in international business. All this vision of the U-EENI University will be gradually implemented in the short and medium-term.

This presentation is aimed at prospective students, EENI alumni, professors and collaborators, researchers, investors, governments, organisations related to business, and in general the entire global business community.

The U-EENI University is focused on the needs of the students, therefore:

  1. The U-EENI University is convinced that the student should have more power thus allowing him Creating Shared Value Student-University

    Value Creation Student-University

  2. The U-EENI University has a strong commitment to their students: Help them find a better job.

    EENI Master Burkina Faso

  3. Consider e-learning as a disruptive innovation to benefit the student

    e-learning disruptive technology higher education

  4. The U-EENI University is organised into Global Knowledge Networks through its Regional Universities, Departments and Professors around the world to gather information related to international business and transform it into knowledge available to its students.

    Department African Affairs

  5. The U-EENI University Acts Globally, being able to adapt the Bachelor's Degree and Masters to students from 180 countries

    U-EENI Professors

  6. The U-EENI University incorporates companies, organisations, and alumni in the educational process from around the world as a solution to University-Labour Market Disconnection.

    Companies Organisations U-EENI University

  7. The U-EENI University believes that Ethics would be one of the pillars of training in international business (Ahimsa vision) as a solution to the problem of higher education in business without values.

    Harmony of Religions
    Ahimsa Nonviolence in Business

  8. Considers that the research of the U-EENI University must benefit the student and regions where it acts, avoiding that the surcharges of the research are transmitted to the students via tuition fees.

  9. The University U-EENI want to create Win-win lifelong relationships with his alumni developing a Global e-Community

    e-Alumni Community U-EENI

  10. The University U-EENI has a strong Social Responsibility to the humanity

All the above together with the elimination of superfluous expenses that do not add value to the student allow us to generate cost-benefit enabling to offer affordable prices for all (without being a “low-cost university”)

All EENI students and alumni will maintain the same status as with the EENI and will be able to access the e-community of the U-EENI University.

Evolution of the University

Strategic markets for the U-EENI University.

All over the world, but especially emerging and low-middle-income countries (Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific).

Strategic markets U-EENI University

U-EENI University Academic Programs: Bachelor's Degree, Masters and Professional Doctorates (e-learning)

Bachelor's Degree and Masters U-EENI University

  1. Bachelor's Degree in International Business
  2. Masters in International Business
  3. Doctorates in International Business
  4. Lifelong Learning

At the EENI (School of International Business) educational portal ( you will found all the information about the U-EENI Academic Offer

Problems related to the higher education that can solve the U-EENI University.

The main problems detected related to higher education in International Business at a global level by the U-EENI University and their solutions:

Problems higher education

Regional foreign trade institutes of the U-EENI University

Index of topics related to the U-EENI University

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