Education in Business Without Values

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Problem - Tendency to a Business Education without Values

U-EENI University Solution: Development of a model of global ethics. Ethics as one of the pillars in International Business Education.

“... That is why higher education is faced with significant challenges and must be transformed and renewed as never before in a more radical way, so that our society, which suffers in our time a severe crisis of values, can transcend the purely economic considerations and incorporate deeper dimensions of morality and spirituality.” World Declaration on Higher Education (UNESCO).

The global scenario (Ethics and Business):

  1. The increase of corruption and business malpractice at the global level (Madoff, Lehman Brothers, Volkswagen, Bankia, Petrobras...)
  2. The growth of corruption in the public sector.

Many of these businessmen, executives and public officials related to these scams and cases of corruption had studied in the top universities and business schools. Even teachers at these schools and universities have been involved. Moreover, this phenomenon is of global dimension.

What responsibility does the University have?

The U-EENI University, unlike many other universities, considers that educational institutions have part of this responsibility and we are convinced that the ethical component in business is fundamental and therefore must be one of the pillars of higher education in international business.

The U-EENI University solution is the development of a model of Global Ethics that is part of our educational strategy and, which is also the guiding principle of our University.

Can company sin?” Archbishop Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury)

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