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Key Markets for the U-EENI University: Emerging and Lower-Middle-Income Countries: Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific (India)

The U-EENI University seeks to facilitate global access to higher education at an affordable price, particularly those segments and people neglected by traditional universities. However, the U-EENI University considers strategic the following regions and countries:


  1. Africa. Creation of a University in Africa
  2. Latin America. Creation of a University in Latin America
  3. The Middle East


  1. India. Campus or Regional University in India.
  2. Southeast Asia
  3. Central Asia

As we can see on the map of Worldwide Gross Enrolment Rates, regions and countries with lighter colours (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America) , offer the greatest growth potential in enrollment in university education (Source: UNESCO).

Worldwide higher education Map

EENI Students in Africa (Burkina Faso)

Master in Foreign Trade Burkina

The U-EENI University considers that certain markets, like China and the United States, due to their peculiarities or their level of protectionism, are not viable but through a physical presence of the University (regional campus). So in principle, they will not be considered as key markets for the U-EENI University neither the short nor the medium-term. Although, there is a potential market for their Diaspora.

Comparison between the ability to access to the global market between a Traditional University and U-EENI University:

Target Markets U-EENI University

Adaptation Strategy and internationalisation of the U-EENI University

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