U-EENI: Global Network Ahimsa University

U-EENI University Project

A new model of University based on the concept of “Global Network Ahimsa University”.

The U-EENI University is a new paradigm of University based on the concept of “Global Network Ahimsa University”, totally different to a traditional University.

Global Network Ahimsa U-EENI University

U-EENI: Global Network Ahimsa University

The U-EENI University is Global

  1. Focus on International Business
  2. Access to the global market
  3. Worldwide Professors and Students of the U-EENI University

    e-Alumni Community U-EENI
  4. The Departments of the U-EENI University will be in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and America. Sub-areas of Departments in sub-regions and countries. Regional Universities and Campus in Africa, America and Asia

    Example of the Department of African Affairs that must be located in Africa:
    Department African Affairs

  5. Alliances: global, regional and local
  6. Global Strategy adapted regionally and locally (Adaptation of the educational offer to 180 countries)
  7. Research in International Business at a global level
  8. Regional Councils of Businessmen and Alumni

Network: the U-EENI University is organised in network

  1. Organisation of the U-EENI University in Global Knowledge Networks managed by the Regional Universities, Departments and Institutes of the U-EENI University.

    African Institute of Foreign Trade

    Worldwide Professors and Scholars are working in a network, generating information that U-EENI University will transform into knowledge for a continuous improvement of educational quality for the benefit of the student.

    U-EENI Professors

  2. Transnational Research Networks in International Business and Ethics.
  3. International Business Networking
    1. Students
    2. Alumni

      U-EENI Students

    3. U-EENI University (Departments, Directors, Professors, Institutes, Regional Universities)
    4. Organisations
    5. Companies.

The coordination of the U-EENI University is carried out through the Global Coordination and Research Unit.

Global Coordination and Research Unit

The U-EENI University acts under the Ahimsa Principles

Application of the Principle of Nonviolence (Ahimsa) in “thoughts, words, and actions” as the Guiding Principle of the U-EENI University.

Ahimsa Nonviolence in Business

The roots of Ahimsa are found in Jainism and Hinduism, and practically all Religions of the world, one way or another, shares this principle. One of the principles of Zoroastrianism is “good thoughts, words, and actions”.

This Ahimsa Vision implies for the U-EENI University:

  1. Facilitate global access to higher education (only 2,6% of the humanity access to tertiary education as we can see on the map, where the light blue and white colours indicate countries with reduced access to higher education)

    Worldwide higher education Map

    1. In particular, those traditionally neglected or excluded by Traditional Universities
    2. Develop new programs and educational formats that allow increase access to education
  2. Offer Affordable Prices for All in addition to an “Ahimsa” financing.

    Education for all

  3. Think of the needs of the student, and not of the U-EENI University, allowing the creation of shared value Student-University.
  4. Implementation of a model of Global Ethics based on the Ahimsa Vision in business and the principle of Harmony (respect) for Religions.

    Harmony of Religions

  5. Design and implement the strategy of the U-EENI University under the Ahimsa vision, and spread this vision throughout the University. This involves designing a business plan based on these principles: not lying, transparency, integrity, interreligious positioning, equality between men and women, not corruption...
  6. Develop regional commitments (CSR) in Africa (African Institute of Foreign Trade), Latin America, Muslim Countries, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

    We Trust in Africa

  7. Offering U-EENI scholarships for students without resources.

    Master in Foreign Trade Burkina
  8. Creating the Ahimsa Institute (vision: promote an Ahimsa Global Economic Area)

All this vision of the U-EENI University will be developed in the short, medium and long-term.

The concept of Global Network Ahimsa University in the U-EENI logo

Global Network Ahimsa U-EENI University

The logo of the U-EENI University reflects the “Global Network Ahimsa University” concept.

  1. The outer circle representing the world means the global focus of the U-EENI University
  2. Within the world, we can see two hands-continents “shaking hands”, representing Ahimsa Business (non-violence)
  3. The Jainist symbol of Ahimsa inspires the fingers of each hand

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