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Problem - The little or null Capacity of Shared Value Creation Student-University. Universities with a small focus on student needs.

Solution: Creating Shared Value Student-University.


Focusing on the student needs and not on those of the University

“Let's design together the training program that allows you to find a better job”.

U-EENI University Solutions

1. Traditional Value Creation of the University.

Only the University defines the training program (degrees, masters, doctorates, and continuing education programs). This modality is necessary and useful especially for low mature markets (developing countries) or segments (students who have finished high school).

In the case of the U-EENI University, this creation of traditional value has been adapted, and therefore made more flexible, in three ways:

  1. Offering educational profiles to 180 countries.
  2. Creating regional variants of global training programs. For example, the U-EENI University will offer a Bachelor's Degree in International Business (Global) as well as several regional degrees (e.g., Bachelor's Degree in inter-African and Global Business for African students). A similar strategy applies in the Masters in International Business.
  3. Possibility of studying, performing exercises or dissertations in several languages

2. Shared Value Creation Student-University.

The student (active, informed, with a global vision and ubiquitously connected) together with the U-EENI University defines the training program.

Value Creation Student-University

  1. Necessary for mature markets and profiles of Prospective Student more prepared, like professionals
  2. It allows the access to new segments and people previously unattended.

The shared value creation allows:

  1. Under the supervision of the U-EENI University, the prospective student can design his/her training program (defining the customisation of content, modality, tuition fees, duration jointly) and therefore finally meet their personal goals to find a better job.
  2. The student can define the study time, and thus the final tuition fees.
  3. Even being able to offer those people with lower financial resources, the possibility of enrolling for credits based on their specific incomes. A model that has started to operate in East Africa for access to solar energy in Tanzanian villages.

Comparison between the capacity of the creation of Shared Value Student-University between a Traditional University and the U-EENI University

Creating Shared Value Student-University

Creation of Shared Value Collectives of Students-University

The U-EENI University will actively promote the creation of groups of prospective students so that they can design new training programs, obtain discounts, etc.

The U-EENI University has previously identified different profiles of collectives around the world (translators, United Nations displaced officials...)

  1. Groups of Prospective Student from a given country: a teacher/coordinator of this country who also speak their local language; even the U-EENI University can offer the possibility of sending a teacher to the country to teach an intensive seminar
  2. Groups of Prospective Student with a common language: the U-EENI University will provide a regional tutor or teacher who speaks the local language (e.g., Swahili for Kenya or Tanzania). Also, the U-EENI University could organise a regional meeting of students sending a teacher, etc.

All this generation of information continuously feedbacks to the U-EENI University.

EENI Muslim Alumni
U-EENI Muslim Alumni

Problem Related to the Shared Value Creation and the Existing Legislation.

The U-EENI University is taking the necessary steps to obtain the official recognition. However, the legislation in force does not contemplate the creation of shared value, which is an incertitude if the Ministry of Education will recognise or not the programs of shared value creation University-Student. If they were not accepted, an own title of the U-EENI University would be issued.

Also, the U-EENI University aims to create accredited regional universities in America, Africa and Asia.

Given the rigidity of accreditation agencies at the global level, it will be difficult, in the short term, to offer this personalised training with accreditation. Surely, in the medium-term, it should change in more mature markets.

This capacity of adaptation will allow the U-EENI University to better adapt our educational offer to the local requirements defined by the Ministries of Education to facilitate the validation of the diploma.

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