Focus on International Business

U-EENI University Project

Problem - Lack of specialisation in International Business (Education and Research). Quality

Solution. Focus: University Specialised Exclusively in International Business.


Being the best in higher education in International Business worldwide, instead of being the best in all. (local, regional, or globally)

Principle: the U-EENI University must be able to generate local (in each country), regional and global information

  1. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, and Working Digitally
  2. Transforming global market information into knowledge available to our students.
  3. Locating the Departments of the U-EENI University in different countries (Europe, Africa, Asia, and America) and having, therefore, professors in nearly every country in the world
  4. Creating Global Knowledge Networks to generate global, regional, and local (in each country) information
    University Knowledge Networks
  5. Generating Networking through networks of scholars, professors, and researchers in almost all the countries of the world.
  6. Opening regional campuses and universities in Latin America, Africa and Asia
  7. Establishing educational partnerships with the main institutions and companies of the world
  8. Adapting education to all countries

To achieve the focus on international business, the U-EENI has:

  1. An intensive knowledge of the global market and international business
  2. A multilingual education adapted to 180 countries

Comparison between a multidisciplinary and focus strategy (Traditional University - U-EENI University)

Focus Business U-EENI University

The focus on International Business implies a redefinition of the U-EENI University:

Education, Research, and Coordination at the global level.

Function “Transform Information into Knowledge.”

Transform information into knowledge

This global coordination is carried out by the Global Coordination and Research Unit.

Global Coordination and Research Unit

U-EENI University Solutions

Particularities of Higher Education in International Business

  1. Business is global, digital and extremely dynamic, so the information must be able to generate locally (in all the countries), regionally and globally; and do it almost in real time and at a competitive cost.
  2. The language of business is not only English but also Spanish or French. It is necessary to offer Multilingual Education in International Business (Bachelor's Degree, Masters, Professional Doctorates) in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese. Moreover, in more languages in the future.
  3. Accessing students from all over the world means providing training tailored to all markets. The level of adaptation will depend on each student, country and training program. The University U-EENI has defined 180 country adaptation profiles. Almost all of these subjects are available in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese.
  4. Other branches of knowledge, such as medicine or economics, do not present these particularities and there are therefore more suitable for multidisciplinary universities.

Opportunities for the U-EENI University

1) In general, there are not specialised universities exclusively in international business and foreign trade at the global level

In general, multidisciplinary universities (traditional or e-universities) are only capable of generating local content and usually in the local language, being unable to adapt to the needs of students from other countries. Also, they do not have a strategy or business model to become world leaders.

2) The limited training available at a global level in international business is usually of low quality (business management programs adapted to foreign trade), expensive and in almost all cases face-to-face (traditional).

Research in International Business

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