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U-EENI University Institutes of Foreign Trade (Latin American, African, Asian, Islamic)

The U-EENI University will create different university institutes related to international business and global ethics:

  1. Ahimsa Institute
  2. African Institute of Foreign Trade
  3. Latin American Institute of Foreign Trade
  4. Asian Institute of Foreign Trade
  5. Islamic Institute of Foreign Trade

African Institute of Foreign Trade Latin American Institute of Foreign Trade

Asian Institute of Foreign Trade Islamic Institute of Foreign Trade

The objectives of the regional institutes of foreign trade are:

  1. Research and report on foreign trade in the region: intra-regional trade trends, investment flows, the impact of free trade agreements in the region, value chains related to foreign trade, commerce and the environment, E-commerce, trade facilitation as well as trade relations with other areas of the world.
  2. Assist SMEs with export capacity in the region: special training programs for regional SMEs, organisation of regional SME groups, facilitation of export consortia, internship programs with U-EENI students, teachers and alumni as consultants, contacts with other companies in the region and other regions, access to the “e-foreign trade department”.
  3. Promote the foreign trade of the region. Inform the rest of the world about the region's export offer
  4. Encourage SMEs in the region: micro-site of exporting companies in the portal of the Institute, special events, interviews with exporting companies, U-EENI awards to companies of export excellence...
  5. Research and promote the country brand of the markets of the region. Research on the strengths and weaknesses of the country brand, report on business opportunities in the market, legal stability, success stories...
  6. Help companies that are out the region to do business in these countries.

As part of the social responsibility of the U-EENI University with the regions where it operates, the U-EENI considers vital to collaborate with the development of foreign trade in these markets, as well as to boost trade between Africa, Latin America, the Muslim countries and Asia-Pacific.

Therefore, the U-EENI University will actively promote networking among SMEs from different regions. All the global information generated by the different institutes will create a market intelligence. It will allow U-EENI to identify business opportunities between regions so that companies from these areas can benefit.

As a priority, a business bridge between Latin America and Africa will be developed, with the collaboration of the African Institute of Foreign Trade and the Latin American Institute of Foreign Trade of the U-EENI University.

These institutes guarantee a constant flow of real information from each market that will allow the University U-EENI  to feed back the contents of our training offer, thus strengthening our competitive advantages.

These institutes complement the research activity of U-EENI University. The regional institutes of foreign trade may collaborate with other universities or with public or private entities developing these fields of research.

Any U-EENI student will be able to carry out his these, dissertations or research works with the direct collaboration of the Institute, that is to say, all the capacity to generate information and the knowledge acquired will be available to the student.

In each institute they will be able to participate:

  1. People related, directly or indirectly, to the U-EENI University: teachers, students and alumni, scholars, tutors, members of regional business councils ...
  2. Professionals related to foreign trade in the region.
  3. Companies with export capacity both in the region and in other regions.
  4. Regional organisations related to regional foreign trade

The Regional Director of the Department will also be the Director of each regional institute. For example, the director of the Department of African Affairs will also be director of the African Institute of Foreign Trade:

Department African Affairs

The institutes will be coordinated through the Global Coordination and Research Unit, which will create synergies between all of them.

Global Coordination and Research Unit

Also, the regional institutes:

  1. Facilitates the entry of sponsors and philanthropists of the region
  2. Facilitates the active participation of external scholars (teachers, researchers)
  3. Dedicates significant efforts to promote the results of their particular fields of research.

Each regional institute will have its Internet portal.

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