U-EENI Academic Programs

U-EENI University Project

Higher education: Bachelor's Degree, Masters, and Professional Doctorates offered by the U-EENI University

The U-EENI University will offer the following educational programs focused on international business at a distance education and blended learning:

  1. Twelve Bachelor's Degree (three or four years)
  2. One Associate Degree (two years)
  3. One University Diploma (one year)
  4. Twenty-two Masters (one or two years)
  5. Six Professional Doctorates
  6. Forty-nine Lifelong Learning Programs (courses, diplomas, postgraduates) of Foreign Trade, Religions and Business and Doing Business in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

Bachelor's Degree and Masters U-EENI University

Also, the U-EENI University promotes the creation of shared value Student-University on degrees, masters, and courses (Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS))...

This structure (Bachelor's Degrees, Masters, and Professional Doctorates) is common in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and throughout the Francophone Africa (LMD system). Due to the peculiarities of the legislation of higher education in the world, the U-EENI University applies a strategy of adaptation of the training programs for each legislation.

  1. Example of adapting a master's degree in business for a Nigerian student

Please visit the EENI (School of International Business) educational portal (en.reingex.com) where you will find the characteristics of each training program.

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