Mission of the U-EENI University

U-EENI University Project

Mission and Objectives of the U-EENI University

The U-EENI University is a global network of higher education whose main mission is to facilitate access to quality higher education in international business at an affordable price.

This mission of the U-EENI University is achieved through

  1. Focusing exclusively on distance higher education in international business taught around the world
  2. Offering personalised training adapted to 180 countries
  3. Using e-learning as a disruptive innovation
  4. Based on the Global Network Ahimsa University model organised in Global Knowledge Networks
  5. Allowing access to quality higher education to new segments and people, usually neglected by traditional universities
  6. Focusing on the needs of the student and therefore enabling the Creation of Shared Value Student-University
  7. Offering affordable prices for all the humanity using its cost advantages.
  8. Meeting the growing global demand for higher education that cannot be covered by traditional universities (only 2.6% of the humanity can access to higher education)

Education for all

According to UNESCO:

“It is necessary to create three universities a week for twelve years to meet the global demand.”

The U-EENI University does not seek to compete with traditional universities, mostly multidisciplinary:

“We cannot be locally great in everything (traditional strategy), but to be the best globally in higher education in International Business (e-learning)”.

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