Facilitate Access to Higher Education

U-EENI University Project

Facilitating Global Access to Higher Education (Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe)

U-EENI University Solutions - Reduced access to higher education

Solution: facilitate global access to higher education using e-learning as a disruptive innovation.

U-EENI Principle: Quality Multilingual Higher Education in International Business, affordable for everyone, anywhere, format, and timing.

  1. Affordable prices for all (Cost-benefit)
  2. University model based on e-learning as a disruptive innovation
  3. Offer education where is not available or is not accessible
  4. Facilitate access, mainly in the Emerging and Developing Countries
  5. New formats (Time, content, modes)
  6. Customised financing for each student
  7. Professors and tutors that speak emerging languages (Arabic, Russian, Swahili, Hindi, Chinese)
  8. U-EENI Scholarships for least developed countries and collectives (Women, disabled, displaced person)
  9. Creating Shared Value Student-University
  10. ...

The Ahimsa Vision, developed by the EENI (School of International Business) in 2012, is the guiding principle of the U-EENI University. This vision defines our commitment to the humanity and our code of conduct based on integrity, truthfulness, and respect for all our students, as well as to all persons who directly, or indirectly, work with us. This vision is the generator of the Education for All policy of the U-EENI University.

Education for all

  1. Education For All
  2. Worldwide Opportunities higher education

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