Social Responsibility of the U-EENI

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Social Responsibility of the U-EENI University: local and global (Africa, Latin America, Asia)

The mission of the U-EENI University is to facilitate access to higher education worldwide at affordable prices; this mission involves a strong commitment to humanity, especially in low-middle income countries.

The philosophy of Global Network Ahimsa University also implies a high commitment to humanity.

Education for all

The Social Responsibility (CSR) of a traditional university is often related to its local region. The U-EENI University, operating throughout the world, must, in addition to its local social responsibility, develop a social responsibility adapted to each of the regions where act. Thus, five regional CSR strategies are tailored to the needs of each of the following regions:

  1. Africa
  2. Latin America
  3. The Middle East
  4. Asia
  5. Europe

We Trust in Africa

In each of them, specific programs related to CSR will be developed:

  1. U-EENI Scholarships for people without resources.
  2. Program: sponsor a student.
  3. Special programs for disadvantaged groups
    1. African Muslim Women
    2. Girls kidnapped by Boko Haram (Nigeria).
    3. Child and Girls soldiers
    4. Children enslaved victims of the coltan
  4. Regional Projects: the African Institute of Foreign Trade. Mission: to collaborate with the promotion of the African Foreign Trade.
  5. The Ahimsa Institute (Towards an Ahimsa global economic area)

African Institute of Foreign Trade

Also, the promoters of the U-EENI University have adopted a long-term commitment to convert U-EENI to non-profit university.

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