Affordable prices for all

U-EENI University Project

Solution to problem (Increase of University Tuition Fees): Cost-benefit (Affordable Prices)

U-EENI University Solutions - Less affordable prices (higher education)

Solution: Cost-benefit to obtain affordable prices for all.

Medium-term Objective: Bachelor's Degree, Master, and Professional Doctorates: 1,000 Euros per Year

Education for all

How does the U-EENI University obtain its cost advantage?

  1. Generating competitive advantages provided by our University model based on Focus on International Business, the capacity to produce global knowledge, organising ourselves digitally in Global Knowledge Networks and accessing to the global market.
  2. Considering the e-learning as a disruptive innovation that can modify the model of higher education in the world
  3. Taking advantage of the minimum unit cost associated with the product (e-learning materials).
  4. Taking advantage of the cost-benefit derived from our global and digital action (a network of teachers and collaborators, delocalisation of services - processes and people, content generation, transnational research, regional universities)
  5. Working digitally and globally (intensive use of information technologies)
  6. Reducing unnecessary costs (infrastructures, traditional promotion) that do not add value to the student, intensive use of e-promotion.
  7. Focusing on our “educational core-business”: the international business.
  8. Making research profitable (differentiating it from education) and more affordable to SME.

Despite the cost of global coordination that this model of university (Global Network Ahimsa University) entails.

... For all this, the U-EENI University is not a “low-cost University.

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