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Research as one of the pillars of the U-EENI University business model

  1. Principles of the University U-EENI Research
  2. Developing Countries: Research or Education?

Solution to the problem: Research-Education Asynergy

Introduction to the research policy of the U-EENI University

The main mission of the U-EENI University is to make higher education in international businesses accessible at affordable prices worldwide, especially to those people and segments usually neglected by the traditional offer, so that our students can find a better job.

On the other hand, the U-EENI University considers fundamental that the research activity, together with education and commitment to society, as well as the transfer of knowledge.

As an important part of its strategy, the U-EENI University will dedicate part of its activity to continuous research on the world market as one of its strengths. This intensive knowledge of the world should also help the positioning of the U-EENI University as one of the leading global players in research in international business and global ethics.

The knowledge of the global market, its specialisation, its networking capacity, its network structure and its alliances with companies and institutions, will allow the University U-EENI to carry out a practical research based on the real demand of companies and organisations of the world. The regional councils of businessmen, businesswomen and alumni should orient in the long term on the fields of research to develop.

Comparison between the research strategy of the U-EENI University and a traditional university:

Research U-EENI University

The research fields of the U-EENI University will be exclusively related to its know-how.

The U-EENI University will develop two major research fields:

  1. International Business
  2. Global Ethics, Religions and Business

Much of the research results will be available to the international community in particular to support the development of low and middle-income countries. The results of the research, whenever possible, should benefit the student.

One challenge that U-EENI University is proposing is to facilitate access to research for both traditionally neglected groups (such as women in Africa) and to make the benefits available to SMEs and small organizations related to International business.

Students Master Burkina

Different research institutes will be created to complement the research activity, such as the “African Foreign Trade Institute”, the “Latin American Foreign Trade Institute” or the “Ahimsa Institute”.

African Institute of Foreign Trade

The knowledge and research carried out will also enable governments (investment recruitment agencies, ministries), regional economic organisations, companies, etc. to be advised, and finally become a global “Think-Thank”.

Organisation of the research activity

The U-EENI University will organise all the research activity through the “Global Coordination and Research Unit”, which will be responsible for coordinating all the research activity of the different departments and doctoral programs of the U-EENI University. The “School of Doctorate” will depend on this unit.

The “Global Coordination and Research Unit” is the nerve centre of the U-EENI University, and a fundamental part of its strategy.

Global Coordination and Research Unit

The U-EENI University will support and promote the dedication to the research of the teaching and research staff and will allow the development of a professional career that facilitates a more intense dedication to the teaching or the researcher activity.

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