From Business School to University

U-EENI University Project

University Evolution (1995-2017): from School of Business (EENI) to Specialised University in International Business (U-EENI University)

Evolution U-EENI University

  1. 1995: Foundation of Reingex: educational software of foreign trade.
  2. 2002: EENI (Global Business School) - Spanish School of International Business
  3. 2012: Strategic decision to evolve to specialised University in International Business
  4. 2016: Creation of the global network of higher education: U-EENI University (Global Network Ahimsa University)
  5. 2017-20: Creation of regional universities in Africa, America and Asia
  6. The Long-term Commitment of the promoters: Non-profit University.

Promoters of the U-EENI University:

Susana Fernández García and Pedro Nonell Torres, founders of the EENI- School of International Business in 1995

Susana Fernández Pedro Nonell

Today, the EENI has students in more than 100 countries.

EENI Wordlwide Alumni

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