Win-Win Lifelong Relationships with Alumni

U-EENI University Project

Problem - Low Alumni Loyalty by Traditional Universities

Solution: create win-win lifelong relationships with alumni. Concept of e-Community of the U-EENI University


Implementing an Alumni e-Community.

e-Alumni Community U-EENI

Access to the U-EENI e-Community

“U-EENI With you forever.”

The loyalty strategy of the U-EENI University through the e-community is structured in three axes:

  1. Alumni promotion and development
  2. Networking between alumni
  3. Collaboration with the University (Mentors, volunteering, ambassadors, donations...)

U-EENI University Solutions

Potential of a global network specialising in international business

  1. The U-EENI University Alumni working in International Business and Foreign Trade worldwide
  2. Trusted Network. All participants have studied at the U-EENI University (Alma Mater)
  3. WIN-WIN: benefits for alumni, companies, the U-EENI University, and general for the Society.
  4. Feed-back
  5. EENI (Global Business School): 4,000 Students around the world

Current global situation (University, loyalty)

  1. Low degree of loyalty by traditional universities (and less at a global level)
  2. Null capability of Creating Shared Value
  3. Inability to create long-term win-win relationships.
  4. Loss of information flows, prescribers...
  5. Students are increasingly demanding more win-win relationships
  6. Disconnection with the real world
  7. Increasing cost of attracting new students.

Comparison of the alumni loyalty capacity between a Traditional, Elite University and the U-EENI University.

Alumni loyalty U-EENI University

EENI American students
U-EENI Alumni America

... In Africa...
U-EENI Alumni Africa

...In the Muslim Countries...
U-EENI Muslim Alumni

In Europe
U-EENI Alumni Europe

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