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Problems related to higher education that can solve the U-EENI University

The main problems detected by the U-EENI University related to higher education in International Business at a global level and their solutions:

Problems higher education

Problem Solution
1- Tuition fees becoming less accessible Affordable prices for all based on cost–benefit
2- Reduced access to higher education. Virtually non-existent educational programs in many developing regions Facilitate global access to higher education using e-learning as a disruptive innovation
3- Lack of specialisation in International Business Focus on International Business. Worldwide Departments of the University
4- Absence of an efficient program of quality evaluation of the teaching staff, aimed to guarantee an excellent education for the student. Development of an assessment model where the student will be the protagonist and benefits to the best teachers
5- Universities with a little focus on student needs Creating Shared Value Student-University
6- University-Labour Market Disconnection Incorporating companies, organisations and alumni into the educational process
7- Research-Education Asynergy.
Students do not benefit from the research results. Impact on university tuition fees. Lack of transnational research specialising in international business
Making the research global and affordable to SMEs
8- Tendency to an education in business without values Ethics as one of the pillars of education in International Business
9- Low alumni loyalty Creating Win-win lifelong relationships with alumni (e-Community)

Besides to some regional problems, such as women's access to higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

These problems are identified globally and may vary at regional or local level. For example, the trend of tuition fees increase in France or Germany does not exist in Bachelor's Degrees since are practically free. However, this problem exists in the Masters and Professional Doctorates.

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