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Professors and Departments of the U-EENI University in the world (Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and America)

U-EENI University Solutions - Focus on International Business

To develop the competitive advantages of the U-EENI University derived from our business model, based on:

  1. The specialisation in International Business
  2. The access to the global market
  3. Facilitate global access to higher education at affordable prices,

It is necessary to create an academic structure in networks of knowledge that allows organising and managing all the information and knowledge generated both globally, regionally and locally (in each country) and also allows to do so practically in real time and at a reduced cost. Moreover, all for the benefit of the student.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the U-EENI University is its exclusive focus on International Business and Foreign Trade. For this reason, the U-EENI University is formed by regional networks of universities. Each regional university will have a Faculty organised in Departments and a School of Doctorate, in addition to a series of institutes, all working digitally on the network, sharing information and generating synergies.

U-EENI University global network

This educational organisation in knowledge networks makes it possible to facilitate the adaptation strategy for degrees and masters for students from 180 countries.

Knowledge Networks developed by EENI (Global Business School) are transformed into U-EENI University networks.

Knowledge Networks U-EENI University

The Departments of the U-EENI University are

Departments of the U-EENI University

  1. Foreign Trade and Globalisation
  2. International Marketing and E-business
  3. Ethics, Religion, and Business
  4. European Affairs
  5. African Affairs
  6. Asia-Pacific Affairs
  7. American Affairs
  8. Islamic Studies

Initially, all departments will be located in Spain, but the Regional Departments (Africa, Asia, America, Islamic Studies) will move to regional universities in America, Africa and Asia.

General Structure of the Departments of the U-EENI University

All the departments of the U-EENI University have a similar structure. The Regional Departments (Africa, Asia, America) present the particularity of having a Deputy Director of the Department whose main mission is to manage everything related to his region (Research, Education, Alliances).

  1. Director of Department
  2. Sub-director of Department
  3. Secretary of the Department
  4. Professors
  5. Tutors
  6. Scholars
  7. Research Groups
  8. Regional Business Council
  9. Regional Alumni Club

U-EENI Professors

All persons involved must have a deep knowledge of international business and local languages, as well as strong ethical principles.

An example of the Department of American, Asian and African Affairs of the U-EENI University:

Department African Affairs

Department Asian Affairs

Department African Affairs

PhD Geneviève Barro (Burkina Faso) Director of the EENI Professional Doctorate in Business in Africa

PhD Geneviève Barro Burkina

The coordination of all information flows of the U-EENI University is carried out through the Global Coordination and Research Unit:

Global Coordination and Research Unit

The U-EENI University's regional foreign trade institutes depend on each regional department:

African Institute of Foreign Trade

Comparison between a centralised structure (Traditional University) and a decentralised network (U-EENI University)

Network Organisation U-EENI University

Number of alliances and professors (Traditional University, U-EENI University)

Professors Alliances U-EENI University

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