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The U-EENI University & EENI, as a global leader in Education in International Business, believes that comprehensive training must go beyond the system of Bachelor's Degree, Masters, and Professional Doctorates. Lifelong education can only supplement the University's mission of transferring knowledge to society and facilitating access to education at affordable prices.

Academic Offer related to Continuing Education of the U-EENI University

The current Academic Offer of continuing education is structured in 49 courses, representing a total of 648 ECTS, organised in six areas of knowledge:

Lifelong Learning U-EENI University
  1. Foreign Trade and Marketing (11 courses)
  2. Business in Africa (11 courses)
  3. Business in America (8 courses)
  4. Business in Asia-Pacific (7 courses)
  5. Business in Europe (5 courses)
  6. Global Ethics, Religions, and Business (7 courses)

The U-EENI University is continuously developing new contents, to offer new courses based on the evolution and demand of the market or to redesign the existing training offer.

Lifelong Learning Area

The area of Lifelong Learning in international business and foreign trade is designed to update and improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of business professionals, given the evolution of the market throughout the life of alumni and society in general.

This training offer is channelled through courses of the U-EENI University (courses, postgraduate courses, diplomas, and certificates).

The objectives of the Lifelong Learning provided by the U-EENI University are:

  1. Professional Recycling. To guarantee the updating of the knowledge and the continuous improvement of the qualifications of the professionals, and therefore improving the competitiveness of the companies where the U-EENI University works.
  2. To ensure access to new knowledge and skills
  3. Certification of Competencies

The U-EENI University will offer solutions “In Company Training” to bring continuing education to the particular needs of companies.

Beyond providing lifelong training to professionals, the U-EENI University, as part of its commitment to society, considers this kind of training as fundamental to facilitate the access to the world segments of the population which have been completely marginalised until now.

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