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Index of topics related to the University

  1. Evolution of the U-EENI University (1995-Today)
  2. Mission of the U-EENI University
  3. Ahimsa Global Network University
  4. Comparison: U-EENI versus Traditional University
  5. Global Coordination and Research Unit
  6. Commitments of the U-EENI University
  7. Regional foreign trade institutes
  8. Strategic markets for the U-EENI
    1. Africa

U-EENI University Academic Programs (Education e-learning)

  1. Bachelor's Degree in International Business
  2. Masters in International Business
  3. Doctorates in International Business
  4. Lifelong Learning
    1. Africa
    2. America
    3. Asia-Pacific
    4. Europe
    5. Religions and Business
  5. Adaptation strategy of the Training Programs to each country
    1. Example of the adaptation to Nigerian Student
  6. Research of the U-EENI University
    1. Research-Education Asynergy
    2. Principles
    3. Developing Countries

Solutions provided by the U-EENI University to problems detected related to higher education in the world

Cost-benefit. Solution to the problem Tuition Fees becoming less accessible

Reduced access to higher education

Focus on International Business. Solution to the Problem: Lack of specialisation in International Business.

Incorporation of companies, organisations, and alumni in the educational process. Solution to the Problem: University-Labour Market disconnection

Creating Shared Value Student-University. Solution to the Problem: Universities with little focus on student needs.

Ethics as one of the pillars of the higher education in International Business. Solution to the Problem: Education without values in Business

Community of Alumni of U-EENI and EENI

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